Farm Stand

Our Farm Stand is open Monday through Friday, 8 – 12pm & 1 – 4pm; Saturdays 10 – 4pm. Farm stand hours offer a great opportunity to interact with our team, ask questions, and get advice on how to prepare your meats! We are excited to be providing our customers with a great variety of local meats. We offer beef, pork, veal, eggs and whole roasting chickens to round out our list of products.

Rpxbury Beef Pork Veal FarmstandPre-Order

Please take advantage of our pre-order program for your custom meat needs. If we are out of stock on your favorite cut(s) or roasting chickens, we will be glad to call you when the item arrives at the farm.

Quarters and Sides of Beef

We also sell quarters and sides of beef. For $5 per pound hanging weight, you pay us to raise your animal right here at the farm. You then communicate directly with our preferred local butcher to have the side cut to your specifications and pay him for processing when you pick up your meat at his location in New Milford, CT. Come in to the Farm Stand or call us for more details.

For a full list of products and pricing, please call the office at 860-354-0649.




Local, Hormone-Free, Pasture-Raised

At Toplands Farm, we have been raising hormone-free beef on the farm’s pastures in Roxbury, Connecticut for family and friends for over 30 years. Our cattle graze the pristine pastures with access to all healthy grasses the property offers. Pasture-raising allows the cattle to gain weight naturally throughout the year. We supplement these rich grasses with Toplands Farm grown hay and a small quantity of protein-rich grain from a local grain Co-op, resulting in a final product that is healthy, tender, and great tasting.

Our beef is slaughtered and butchered in local USDA-inspected facilities in Connecticut, dry-aged for seven to twelve days, packaged in vacuum cryovac, labeled for cut and weight, and frozen. By utilizing local facilities we can have our beef on your table less than three weeks after it left the pasture.

We take great pride in sharing our beef with those who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into raising beef in this manner and are committed to supporting local farms. Each steak, roast or burger patty represents a piece of our farm, our family and our fields reaching your table. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!


  • Brisket (Whole or half)  $10.00/lb
  • Chuck Boneless Center Cut – Steaks and Roasts –  $9.00/lb
  • Frankfurters (8) without nitrites or nitrates   $12.00
  • Ground Beef    $8.00/lb
  • 1/4 lb. Hamburger Patties (4-pack)    $8.50/lb.
  • 1/3 lb. Hamburger Patties (4-pack)    $8.50/lb.
  • Liverwurst (3/4 lb. bulb)   $6.00/pkg
  • Heart / Tongue / Kidney $6.00/lb.
  • Ox Tail / Liver    $6.00/lb.
  • Roasts – Bottom Round, Chuck, Eye Round, Rump, Sirloin Tip, Spoon, Top Round $9.00/lb.
  • Steamship Round, Tenderloin Filet and Rib Roasts are available by special order – Call us for details.
  • Suet / Bones    $2.00/lb.
  • Sausage: Kielbasa SMOKED Kelly  $12.00/Pkg.
  • Shank    $8.00/lb.
  • Short Ribs – available in flanken, traditional and uncut – $8.00/lb.
  • Steak: Cube    $8.00/lb.
  • Steak: Filet – Tenderloin   $27.00/lb.
  • Steak: Flank    $16.00/lb.
  • Steak: Flap Meat (Sirloin Tip)    $13.00/lb.
  • Steak: Flat Iron    $16.00/lb.
  • Steak: Hanger    $16.00/lb.
  • Steak: London Broil   $10.00/lb.
  • Steak: NY Strip    $23.00/lb.
  • Steak: Porterhouse    $24.00/lb.
  • Steak: Ribeye   $23.00/lb.
  • Steak: Ribeye – tomahawk style – available by special order – Call us for details.
  • Steak: Sirloin    $15.00/lb.
  • Steak: Skirt    $16.00/lb.
  • Steak: T-Bone    $24.00/lb.
  • Steak: Top Round (while supplies last)  $10.00/lb.
  • Steak: Tri Tip (whole)   $16.00/lb.
  • Stew Meat or Kabobs    $8.00/lb.

We are raising Berkshire Pigs! This English heritage breed is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. Our Berkshires are fed vegetables from the garden, Toplands Farm grown hay, and protein rich grains.

  • Bacon: Ends    $6.00/lb.
  • Bacon: Regular CURED or UNCURED   $13.00/lb.
  • Belly: Fresh  (available by special order)  $12.00/lb.
  • Feet    $2.00/lb.
  • Ground Pork    $9.00/lb.
  • Ham: Fresh (UNSMOKED)    $9.00/lb.
  • Ham: SMOKED (Bone-in)    $10.00/lb.
  • Ham: SMOKED Boneless (Daisy)    $11.00/lb.
  • Ham Steak: SMOKED    $10.00/lb.
  • Hocks: Fresh     $9.00/lb.
  • Hocks: SMOKED    $10.00/lb.
  • Jowl: Fresh    $9.00/lb.
  • Jowl: SMOKED Bacon    $10.00/lb.
  • Kidney / Heart / Tongue    $5.00/lb.
  • Chop: Loin (Bone-In)   $14.00/lb.
  • Chop: Loin Boneless   $15.00/lb.
  • Chop: Sirloin (Bone-In)    $12.00/lb.
  • Ribs: Baby Back    $15.00/lb.
  • Ribs: Country Style or Spare   $14.00/lb.
  • Roast: Loin (Bone-In)    $14.00/lb.
  • Roast: Loin Boneless    $15.00/lb.
  • Roast: Picnic (Bone-In) (available by special order)  $12.00/lb.
  • Roast: Shoulder (Bone-In)    $13.00/lb.
  • Roast: Shoulder Boneless    $14.00/lb.
  • Sausage: GROUND Breakfast (regular or hot), Italian (hot or sweet)  $11.00/lb.
  • Sausage: LINK Breakfast / Italian (hot or sweet)    $12.00/lb.
  • Sausage: ROPE Breakfast / Italian (hot or sweet)  $12.00/lb.
  • Sausage: ROPE SMOKED Kielbasa    $13.00/lb.
  • Shank: “Schweinshaxe” (Bone-In)    $10.00/lb.
  • Tenderloin    $23.00/lb.

We have partnered with a local dairy in order to provide milk-fed veal.


  • Chop: Shoulder (Bone-in)    $20.00
  • Chop: Sirloin (Bone-in)    $20.00
  • Sausage: BULK Sweet Italian    $11.00
  • Sausage: ROPE Breakfast / Sweet Italian    $12.00
  • Weisswurst    $13.00
Chicken & Eggs

The farm fresh, all-natural fed roasting chickens are in-stock. We are selling whole birds and supplies are limited. Come see our “farm-tastic” mobile coop when it is warm.  The ladies live in the barn in the winter months when it is colder.


  • Chicken (whole roasting hens)    $8.00/lb.
  • Eggs    $4.50/dozen

Note: These are the prices offered to customers picking up at the Toplands Farm Stand in Roxbury, CT.


Open year-round:
Mon.–Fri.: 8-12 & 1-4
Saturdays: 10-4
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To check if any CSA shares are available, please contact the farm office at (860) 354-0649.